Saint Petronius Day in Bologna

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October 2, 2012 by travelitaliablog

October 4this the day the feast of Saint Petronius, the patron saint of Bologna, is

Basilica of Saint Petronius

Images courtesy of imarigorta /

celebrated. Saint Petronius was a bishop of Bologna in the fifth century who gave the city a new life after many years of decline.

The day of Saint Petronius is observed in a sort of a holiday were lots of shops and banks will be closed, restaurants and stores held select hours and parks will be full of people mostly families together celebrating the event. Mostly Piazza Maggiore will be field with food stalls, fanfare concerts, popular street theatre, music and fireworks all over the place at around 10-11pm. A service is also celebrated by the Archbishop in the Basilica in the late evening and a religious procession is held from the St. Peter’s to St. Petronius’.

With all this activities happening all around Bologna on the 4th of October it sure is a fun way to go for a holiday in Italy to this medieval city of the north.

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