5 Top Island Destinations in Italy

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January 21, 2013 by travelitaliablog

What are the best island destinations in Italy to visit for a holiday?

Already planning your summer vacation this 2013? Maybe you want to go visit the beautiful country of Italy but don’t know where to go yet? Well look far no more, for if you are one who loves island hopping or just love to sun bathe in the shores of the Italian seas, we have compiled for you a list of the top island destinations in Italy. Following is the list of the top five beautiful islands you’d love to visit for a holiday in Italy.

  1. Elba
    elba island in italy

    Image courtesy of stgreen / Flickr.com

    Elba is a beautiful island in the Tuscan archipelago and is one of the largest islands in Italy. It is famed for its name as Napoleon’s exile location. However, aside from its history, Elba is also worth visiting with its beautiful scenery of mountains, hills and beaches. Must visit places here are the beaches which tourists love and Monte Capanne, the highest point in the island where you get a fantastic view of the island.

    How to get there?

    The island of Elba can be reached by either ferry or hydrofoil from Piombino, a 2-hour drive from Florence or a 1-hour drive from Livorno, to the port of Portoferraio, the capital and chief port of Elba. Your one-way ferry ticket and one-way hydrofoil ticket will cost 7.54€ (with an extra charge if you bring your car along) and 9.84€ respectively.

  2. Favignana
    Favignana Island in Italy

    Image courtesy of azazel_76 / Flickr.com

    Favignana is the largest island in the Aegadian archipelago. It is a beauty spot on the map of Italy, for it’s shaped like a butterfly though with asymmetrical wings. The island of Favignana is famous for so many things, butterflies (for it’s shaped like it), goats (as it is known for an island full of goats), winds (as the prevailing spring winds in the island) and tuna (the reason why the economy inextricably bound up). For tourists, the island is one interesting place to visit aside from what it is famous for, Favignana also offers plenty of sites to see from beaches, bays, picturesque caves and amazing rock formations.As for tourists who are snorkelling and scuba diving enthusiasts, the island is the place to be. There are lots of breathtaking underwater sites to see such as the sea off Punta Marsala, Punta Fanfalo and Punta Ferro, Secca del Toro and the submerged cave between Cala Rotonda and Scoglio Corrente.

    How to get there?

    Favignana can be easily reached by either ferry or hydrofoil from Tarpani regularly.

  3. Ischia
    Ischia Island in Italy

    Image courtesy of Roberto Falcone / Flickr.com

    Popularly known as the Emerald Island, Ischia is a beautiful island just off the coast of Naples mostly covered with pine groves with sparkling waters gently crashing along its beaches. One of the reasons why tourists flock here is because of its thermal spas which can cure any diseases. The thermal springs came from the heat of the volcanoes present in the island such as Monte Epomeo that sits in the center of the island, also one of the island’s natural wonder. Tourists who flock here will not only enjoy its health spas but the islands’ sandy beaches and excellent red and white wines in the local vineyards.

    How to get there?

    The island of Ischia can be reached through either a ferry or a hydrofoil that ply from Naples to the island. They make several trips a day depending on the season. A one-way ticket for hydrofoil costs €10.50 while a one-way ticket for a ferry, though takes twice as long, and costs €5.50. It costs much more if you take your car along with you, which will cost you €35 each way.

    If you are from Sorrento, you can take a hydrofoil which runs several times a day and cost €13 each way. However, there are no ferries serving from Sorrento to the island.

  4. Lipari
    Lipari Island in Italy

    Image courtesy of ReelFreak / Flickr.com

    Lipari is an island off the northeast coast of Sicily, situated between Vesuvius and Etna. The island is the largest among the Aeolian Islands. Formed from a volcanic eruption, the town of Lipari is located on a plateau of red volcanic rock on the South eastern shore with two beautiful beaches on either side – the Marina Lunga and the Marina Corta. For tourists, aside from the beautiful beaches on either side of the island, they may explore the island’s Duomo, archeological museum (the major site of the island), the two decaying baroque churches and Corso Vittorio Emanuele, the site where most of the businesses catering the visitors are situated.

    How to get there?

    Anyone can get here by ferries from Milazzo dock at Marina Lunga and hydrofoils at Marina Corta.

  5. Giglio
    Giglio Island in Italy

    Image courtesy of A Cris / Flickr.com

    The island of Giglio, which is located in the Tuscan Archipelago, has a mild climate that attracts hordes of tourists to the island. The islands sea has beautiful emerald green water with equally beautiful marine life making it perfect for snorkelling and scuba diving.  The granite stone island is also just as beautiful as its sea, with ninety-percent of the island still a forest. Tourist may also enjoy the islands mountain ranges such as Poggio della Pagana, one of the tallest. For nature lovers, there would be no other perfect holiday treat as visiting this beautiful island of Giglio with its granite cliffs coves, bays, sandy beaches, wonderful underwater sites and beautiful mountain ranges.

    How to get there?

    Anyone can get in the island of Giglio by three means:

    1. By car. If you are driving with your car, you can take the SS1 Aurelia to Porto S. Stefano to take a ferry across the sea. You may leave your car at the paying car parks at the port.
    2. By train. You can take a train to Orbetello, Monte Argentario and from there take a 25-min bus ride to Porto S. Stefano for a ferry connection to the island. Buses leave every 20-min from Orbetello Scalo to Porto S. Stefano.
    3. By Ferry. You can take a ferry from Porto S. Stefano to Giglio, which travel several times a day.


I hope the list above helps you to decide where to go in your next visit to Italy this summer. If you are still looking for good hotels in Italy to stay for your holiday trip, visit Goowai.com for a wide variety of hotels and restaurants in Italy.

If you’ve been to other island destinations in Italy before, please share them in the comments section below.

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