Top 3 Hotel Directory Websites to Find Hotels in Italy

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February 6, 2013 by travelitaliablog

There are already lots of hotel directory websites you can find in the internet where you can find variety of hotels in Italy, from the budget-friendly to the most luxurious and expensive hotels to stay.

Italy being one of the most visited countries by tourists around the world, hotel directory websites is the most convenient way to get access on the different hotels you can stay in the country, no wonder lots of directory sites are popping up nowadays that even Google also include a local search feature where you can get a list of different hotels in any country or city you want to go. But with all these hotel finder websites, there are still the ones that stand out among the rest. So, I have listed here the top hotel directories most travellers used to find hotels in Italy.


TripAdvisor has long been the most trusted and most recommended travel guide in the


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internet. It gives you a wide variety of hotels in Italy and in other countries. Not only that it listed recommended hotels but it also includes comprehensive hotel reviews and photos from the members of the TripAdvisor community. Furthermore, as a travel guide TripAdvisor gives you the most comprehensive travel tips through their forum section from other traveller themselves. Booking your hotel accommodation online with TripAdvisor is also easy and convenient with and


Venere is one of the top hotel finder website you can visit in the web when you are looking for hotels to stay in any country in the world. Venere has 120,000+ lists of


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recommended hotels from around the world to find in their database with comprehensive reviews by traveller members in the community. If you are looking for hotels in Italy, they can give variety of hotels from different location of the country ranging from the budget-friendly to the most luxurious and expensive hotels. Hotels are also listed according to location, cost, rating and accommodation. Furthermore, Venere also gives you travel guides and tips from their blog. Booking your hotel accommodation online with Venere is also easy and convenient with the safe booking feature in their site.


If you are looking for hotels in different parts of Italy, IniItalia is the best place to go. Hotels are already listed by regions and cities in Italy. Aside from the wide variety of


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hotels in Italy, this hotel directory also gives you comprehensive hotel reviews associated on each hotel from guests. And if you are looking for travel guide and holiday tips, they got the question and answer area for you to go for travel tips from other travellers. In addition, IniItalia also gives you the convenient way to book your hotel online.

Other hotel directory websites may not compete with these three top online hotel directories in finding hotels in Italy, but also gives you comprehensive detail information of a wide variety of hotel accommodation such as, an emerging online directory of hotels and restaurants in Italy. It only not gives you a list of variety of hotels in the country but also gives some travel guide and tips of the must places to visit in Italy.

If you have other online hotel directory sites to recommend, please feel free to share it with us through our comment section below.

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